With over 40 years of experience in the business recovery and financial turnaround industry we are leading experts operating for clients throughout Derby, Chesterfield, Sheffield and the entire UK (except Scotland). We assist your business through our dedicated consultants to ensure you receive the best advice for the financial problems you may be facing.

If you are a director of a limited company then the responsibility lies with you to ensure your company is not trading whilst insolvent, as this can cause more long term damage for both the company and the directors personally.

Tip: Make sure that you know your fiduciary duties.

The key to avoiding further financial distress when insolvency looms is to take action early. The sooner you face up to the issues at hand, the sooner you can begin to take positive steps towards creating a brighter future. Here at BCIA Recovery & Turnaround we are always on your side and we act with your interests at the heart of what we do when we advise you or negotiate on your behalf.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses regain financial stability and confidence and our combination of commitment, professionalism and teamwork allow us to deliver services tailored to your needs.

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  • I have dealt with Jamie Buchanan and BCIA for a number of years and have always found him and them excellent value. That is, they are very competent, hard working, reasonably priced, capable of lateral thinking, not stuck in traditional ruts.

    They have a wide range of connections and know the right person for the job if a specialism they do not have is required.

    Above all, they are positive and constructive and look for a good outcome.

    Alex Bevan, Mediator
  • BCIA could not have been more helpful with their guidance in assisting us in a pathway to reconstructing our business and our lives. If you are thinking of using a recovery company, in my opinion, you could not use a more professional or helpful practice. Always answering a call when you need them most and if engaged, responding as promptly as they possibly can. If you are a small or large company they can tick every box that you require.

    Trevor & Heather Webber, Directors, Brake & Service World Ltd

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