We have compiled a short list of common warning signs that can indicate your business may be under pressure. If you recognise many of the below signs then your business could be at risk or already insolvent. If you are already insolvent then you must seek help right away- failure to maximise creditor's interests could lead to personal liability for the company's debts.

Remember - if your company is insolvent, you must act to maximise creditor's interests. Failure to do so could lead to personal liability.

Bank Warning Signs

Creditor Warning Signs

Debtor Warning Signs

Finance Warning Signs

Management Warning Signs

Personal Warning Signs

Remember, the above list isn't exhaustive. There are many other signs such as problems with factoring companies and HMRC that could mean your company is in distress. If you are unsure then feel free to contact us for advice. We can provide a free, no obligation evaluation of your circumstances and we can visit you personally. If you'd like to learn more about our insolvency services, simply contact us today and speak to our team.

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