Company CCJs are one tool which a creditor might use to get you to pay your debts, and ideally you should try to avoid County Court Judgements altogether by taking action before they are issued.

If you are facing the possibility of CCJs then BCIA Recovery & Turnaround are on hand to help you – the impact of a CCJ could be far worse in the long run as it may adversely affect your credit rating, making it harder to borrow, breaching funding facilities and alerting customers and creditors to cash flow issues.

Ignoring a County Court Claim form will only result in Judgment being entered against you in default - once Judgement is entered then you face an uphill struggle to recover the situation depending upon the specific circumstances.

As leading insolvency experts working with clients throughout Derby, Chesterfield, Sheffield and the entire UK (except Scotland) we can help you set aside wrongful CCJs or take preventative measures to ensure you can avoid CCJs altogether. With over 40 years of experience you can rely on us to protect your future and minimise your liabilities.

Contact our professional team today and we’ll conduct an initial analysis of your circumstances. From there, we can use our teams of accountants, lawyers and insolvency experts to orchestrate a course of action best suited to you.


  • I have dealt with Jamie Buchanan and BCIA for a number of years and have always found him and them excellent value. That is, they are very competent, hard working, reasonably priced, capable of lateral thinking, not stuck in traditional ruts.

    They have a wide range of connections and know the right person for the job if a specialism they do not have is required.

    Above all, they are positive and constructive and look for a good outcome.

    Alex Bevan, Mediator
  • BCIA could not have been more helpful with their guidance in assisting us in a pathway to reconstructing our business and our lives. If you are thinking of using a recovery company, in my opinion, you could not use a more professional or helpful practice. Always answering a call when you need them most and if engaged, responding as promptly as they possibly can. If you are a small or large company they can tick every box that you require.

    Trevor & Heather Webber, Directors, Brake & Service World Ltd

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